What are Lapel Pins for?

imgThe word pin is a general term to for any object that can be used to fasten other objects. Lapel pins, however, do more than just mere fastening. They are small objects that were originally used to on the lapel of coats and jackets. Lapel pins are usually made from steel with a sharpened tip on the other side so that it can be fastened and secured to clothing. They are mostly associated with military and politics. Their use can be first traced back to the time of the Civil War (1861 to 1865) in the United States. They were used to distinguish the ranks and affiliations of military personnel and officers in the Union and the Confederate. Because of the idea associate with lapel pins, they were once used again during the First World War for the same purpose. Indeed the images in each lapel pin became a status symbol. Military officers always wear more than one pin when attending their formal purposes and services. Gradually, they were being used by government officials, civil service officers, policemen and firemen.

Over the years, the significance of each pin has gained a timeless and priceless reputation. They were passed down to family members as heirlooms. Even collectors are willing to pay a high price just to gain ownership over a few priceless lapel pins worn by Civil War and World War officers. They are also used during the Olympic Games in limited numbers so these kinds are highly prized and coveted items. There is even actually a hobby called pin collecting. Each lapel pin has its own story to tell.

Today, besides from military uses, they are being used for social and political causes and business matters. The most recent significant use of lapel pins was during the height of 9/11 aftermath. A lot of Americans started to wear them in the form of little American flags. It has become a unifying symbol among every American in that distressing time of terror.

Why Choose Them?

imgThere is a reason why lapel pins have passed the test of time with minimal changes. They can indicate a person’s affiliation and professional rank. They give a person a sense of belongingness and identity. They are relatively cheap and very long-lasting, depending on the material and customization technique used. Fraternities and sororities distribute them among their members. Businesses use them as a way to recognize its top-performing employees and managers to increase their loyalty to the company and to give a sense of identity. Furthermore, they are used by corporations to show gratitude to their investors, partners and contributors. In conventions, charitable events, trade shows and fund raising events, they are used and distributed among participants and volunteers. The patrons proudly wear them to show their faith on the cause of charities and organizations. Unlike any kind of customized items, lapel pins are small enough to be kept but meaningful enough to be worn.

When it comes to aesthetic purposes, they can adorn and decorate any kind of lanyard, bags, pouches and even hats. Today there are many kinds of them that come in different designs and shapes such as lady bugs, cartoon characters, alphabets, numbers and even names. One of the best things about lapel pins is that they the shape, size and colors can be fully customized. There are also different kinds of printing and customization techniques available. Moreover, the design and type of the latch pin on the backside can also be customized. This is the main reason why even businesses and organizations have moved to using them as a way to promote brand awareness and advertise their cause.